VTRUST empowers you to regain control of your Digital Privacy!

Many people - including you - already own a digital networked home. No matter which devices or technology you use, networking technology always means:

Your private data is leaving the house!

Do you know when which data leaves the house and when which devices communicate with whom? Do you still have control?

VTRUST develops innovative tools for you that make the data traffic in your digital home visible ...

and empowers you to regain control of your digital privacy.

VTRUST Products and Solutions

Who we are and what we do

IT security experts

VTRUST GmbH is a start-up from the Frankfurt area founded in mid-2018 by IT security experts. In addition to offering various services in the area of IT security and IT infrastructure (hardware and software), VTRUST develops its own innovative IoT and Smart-Home products.
VTRUST combines German engineering skills with the great know-how of IT security in order to protect the right of every person to their own digital privacy.

VTRUST is an advocate of ingenious networked technology in everyday life, which is however thwarted by constant reports about data theft and use of insecure technology.

So VTRUST’s main goal is to make the world of IoT more secure for users, operators and manufacturers.
That is why VTRUST, in addition to developing its own IoT security products for private users, also offers consulting, training and security research for IoT manufacturers, testing authorities and decision makers and is very active in education and sensitization in the areas of data security, data protection and data ethics, in order to create the necessary awareness for the dangers, risks and opportunities of networked technologies.

The VTRUST-Story

Our vision

We founded VTRUST because we believe in the universal right to transparency and self-determination , which also applies to the digital self or the digital privacy of every human being.

Thereby VTRUST is a passionate advocate of IoT- and Smart-Home-Technology, because those technologies enrich the industrial and private sector extremely and offer a lot of enjoyment, comfort and progress.

But networked technology also always means that private and sensitive data can be exchanged, stored and analysed and consequently very high demands are placed on data security and data protection.

As VTRUST we stand with our products and services for a secure IoT world full of possibilities and thus create trust and transparency in the use of IoT technology in the industrial sector, but above all also in the private digital home.

Our mission

With VTRUST we provide the tools in the form of services and products , which enable the end user, even without expert knowledge, to bring transparency into the digital data traffic of their home and to take control of their own digital privacy.

VTRUST creates trust and security in the IoT world by:

  • the development of IT security products for use in the private digital home.
  • consulting, training and security research for IoT manufacturers, decision-making bodies and testing laboratories.
  • the promotion of the general awareness of the dangers, risks and opportunities of networked technologies in the areas of IT security, data protection and digital privacy.

The founders

Bastian Heilos
Co-founder & managing director (CEO)
Michael Steigerwald
Co-founder & managing director (CEO & CTO)
Wim Bonis
Jochen Bloß
Andre Keller
Co-founder & partner (Stylite AG)
Bastian Heilos
Managing director (CEO) | Dipl. Ing. Electrical Engineering - Energy, Electronics, Environment
Bastian Heilos gained many years of professional experience as a project manager and manager for various software projects in the field of SCADA systems for safety-critical infrastructure. He is very interested in the topics IoT and Smart-Home - here he has always been a big sceptic concerning data security and control, so that he has rather refrained from the private use of IoT devices so far. With VTRUST, he wants to change this and open the doors to the smart home world to all other skeptics. At VTRUST he is the managing director and contributes his many years of IT project management experience to the commercial and strategic implementation of the VTRUST products.
Michael Steigerwald
Managing director (CEO & CTO) | Dipl. Ing. Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Michael Steigerwald gained many years of experience in consulting for network technology and security, reverse engineering of hardware and software as well as security evaluation. For many years he has been active in the field of "Smart Home" and also uses this technology privately on a large scale. His hacker expertise and his know-how from his own hardware and software developments enable him to guarantee IT security in his own home. With VTRUST, he also wants to make this possible for all other smart home users. At VTRUST he is the managing director and provides his experience in hardware and software reverse engineering and security evaluation for the conceptual and technical implementation of VTRUST products.
Wim Bonis
Co-founder | System-Designer / IT-Consultant
Wim Bonis has many years of professional experience as an independent IT consultant and system designer, especially in the areas of network security, virtualization and embedded systems in industrial plants. Privately, Wim Bonis enjoys and extensively deals with new networked technologies, especially with regard to IT and data security, and uses them on a large scale in his home. At VTRUST, he primarily supports product development and security research and is responsible for the IT infrastructure for the entire VTRUST company.
Jochen Bloß
Co-founder | Dipl.- Business Economist, M.A. / cert. Coach and start-up consultant
Jochen Bloß has almost 20 years of experience as a business coach, especially for entrepreneurs and start-ups. During this time, he has advised more than 500 companies on turning ideas into viable business models, securing their financing and successfully establishing themselves in the market. He supports VTRUST in the areas of corporate planning, finance and organizational development and contributes his business know-how, methodical skills and holistic thinking.
Andre Keller
Co-founder & partner Stylite AG (CEO) | Dipl. Economic Engineer
Andre Keller accompanies as a consultant, technology partner and data center operator for over 20 years institutions of the social and medical sector, as well as medium-sized companies and associations. As a data protection expert, he is currently concentrating on the topic of Smart Home in relation to ensuring and maintaining the greatest possible data sovereignty for users when using IoT technology. At VTRUST he acts as a consultant and premium partner and supports the VTRUST team primarily in the areas of data protection, marketing and strategy and provides his own data center in the role of a technology partner.

A powerful team

VTRUST is working together with a continuously growing and very flexible interdisciplinary team of hackers, hardware and software developers, science journalists, communication and product designers, marketing experts, consultants, partner employees and project-related freelancers.
The VTRUST team welcomes all people and partners who share the VTRUST idea and want to accompany and support VTRUST on its way.

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